Art and Soul: A Series of 3 Workshops with Michele Sarna at St.Benedict's

Happened on September 27th 2014 at 10 AM
By Michele Sarna
Art and Soul: A Series of 3 Workshops with Michele Sarna at St.Benedict's

Experience a series of three one-day workshops that explore how hands-on art, creativity, and our imagination can connect us with our heart and spirit and bring us closer to God and our Self. Each workshop is open to anyone wanting to express themselves visually. Beginners and experienced artists will each find something of value to take away with them. $60 each workshop or $170 for the entire series. Art supplies included in fee and FREE Lunch included with each workshop.

Sept. 27: Art as a Playground for the Soul/Creating a Mandala - Art can free your spirit. Unleash your inner 6-year-old and revisit the sheer joy and freedom of expressing your soul in a day-long reconnection with 2-Dimensional art making.

Nov. 1: Art as a Transformational Force - Set your soul free in this next one-day exploration of the power of art to heal and bring peace to ourselves from within. Using breathing meditation, body scanning, and your imagination, participants will use their senses as instruments allowing one’s soul to express itself in the form of personal symbols and visual imagery.

Dec. 6: Dreams and Drawing - Prayer can be a way into a deeper relationship with God, who sometimes speaks to us in visions and dreams meant to guide our lives. Artists throughout history have had a deep connection with the sacred, biblical stories and God. In this final one-day workshop in the series, participants will be encouraged to listen to the workings of their soul by asking God's Spirit to connect emotionally with their imaginations, and to draw from them their heart’s desire.

TO REGISTER contact St. Benedict's Retreat & Conference Centre by email at www.stbens.ca/events or call 204-339-1705.