Samantha Goodman

Samantha Goodman

Hi there!

Check out my Instagram account @ikovibesart for updated posts on what I'm working on. Open to commissions, msg me if you would like a customized, one of a kind painting to hang in your home. :-)

Born and raised in the praires, Samantha is a self-taught artist who spent her childhood summers on the beaches of Lake Winnipeg. Samantha found herself creating images with whatever tools she could get her hands on.
Samantha's work is inspired from introspective thoughts. Noting ideas from the time spent in remote forests or from her various travels. Inspiration is derived from the interactions with people she encounters on her path, the favourite books she devours or the day to day things that surround us along with current events in our world. Music is Samantha's muse as she dives into the act of creation.

"You are a ghost driving a meat coated skeleton made from stardust riding a rock floating through space Fear Nothing." - some fun quote on the Internets

Recent Pictures

Working on something new in my space November 2018 Some of my work up in the gallery at Bring Your Love festival September 2019 Symbiosis 2019 - acrylic/mixed media on canvas A Delicate Balance 2018 - mixed media on canvas board 18x24

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