Maureen Miller

Maureen Miller

I love the creative process. As I move through each step, I can experience first hand how a piece of clay is transformed into a "thing of beauty." At the end of the process, after opening the lid of a glaze kiln, I feel like I've been given a basketful of presents -- gifts to me from the kiln gods.

I began working with clay in 1998 at the Winnipeg Art Gallery under the tutelage of JoAnna Lange and Diane Greggson. I have since studied at the Stoneware Gallery with Inga Torfadottir and at Forum Art with Bill Shoup and Kevin Stafford.

Five years ago, I was mostly working on the wheel and my work was functional. Now, I slab-build, hand-build and sculpt and my work is a mix of functional and decorative pieces.

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