Loricia Pacholko-Matheson

Loricia Pacholko-Matheson

Hello, and thank you for viewing my profile. As of June 2017 I am a School of Art Honors Degree program graduate. My medium of choice is ceramics, but I have also worked in stained glass, printing, drawing, painting and mixed media.

I was acting President of the Ceramic Club from April 2016 February 2017. I was chair of the sales and fundraising committees during the rest of my education and while acting as Ceramic Club Secretary.

This last year I am focussing on cultural deviance in society. Addressing issues of morality and self-indulgence. How those behaviors impact others and what the responsibility cultural values play. Power and patriarchy, stereo types and subjectification are themes in my larger work and I enjoy making functional pieces too.

Recent Pictures

Soldier formation in B F A show- work speaking to power and authority abuses.  Sculptures range from 3 to 7 feet tall. A title of B F A show 2016
A Day Off
Awarded Best Sculpture at the Red River Exhibition "A Day Off"
Front view

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