Loricia Matheson

Loricia Matheson

Hello, and thank you for viewing my profile. I am currently an Honors student at the University of Manitoba, where she will be graduating from the School of Art Honors Degree program in April 2017. My medium of choice is ceramics, but I have also worked in stained glass, printing, drawing and painting.

I was acting President of the Ceramic Club from April 2016 February 2017. I was chair of the sales and fundraising committees during the rest of my education and while acting as Ceramic Club Secretary.

My work is a mixture of ceramics; sculpture, collage and materials in addition to making utilitarian pottery.

This last year I am focussing on cultural deviance in society. Addressing issues of morality and self-indulgence. How those behaviors impact others and what the responsibility cultural values play. Power and patriarchy, stereo types and subjectification are themes in my larger work.

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Soldier formation in B F A show A title of B F A show Untitled Figurine

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