Loricia Pacholko-Matheson

Loricia Pacholko-Matheson

Hello, and thank you for viewing my profile.

I graduated last year with my BFA (Hons) from the University of Manitoba.

My medium of choice is ceramics, but I have also worked in stained glass, printmaking, drawing, painting and mixed media.

My work addresses issues of morality, self-indulgence, power, patriarchy, stereotypes and creates discourse about the subjectification of women and deviant behavior.

I also enjoy making functional ceramic pieces and work using recycled materials in college.

Recent Pictures

Custom painting for Dr. John. River Heights Chiropractic Centre Parade
Earthenware Tiles
aceartinc.'s Annual Curated Student Exhibition
Concept design for "Feminist Futures" and book launch
Held at MAWA, Mentoring Artists for Women's Art, Sept. 2017
Detail of Feminist Futures Submission
Ceramic, Acrylics

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