Disa Haldorson

Disa Haldorson

Disa Haldorson is a multidisciplinary artist working primarily in Functional Ceramics, Sculptural Ceramics, Installation, and Performance Art

Graduating with a bachelor of fine arts honours in 2015 her work explores sexual politics and how homosexuals navigate the heterosexual world. Her primary focus has been to shed light on, and explore the cultural identity of the butch lesbian/bull dyke, and how society at large perceives butch culture. Exploring the gender roles that people assume butch lesbians inhabit, as well as how society views butch lesbians in general, her work strives to confront the viewer with their preconceived notions of lesbianism and the lesbian culture as well as the idealized female figures seen throughout straight culture.

Disa has also created a brand of functional ceramics call Potty Mouth Pottery. Dubbed reactionware due to the offensive nature of the work, the work is available for purchase and depending on the request custom work may be available.

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Potty Mouth Pottery Potty Mouth Pottery Potty Mouth Pottery Dysphoria

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