About Clifton Studios

Clifton Studios is an artists co-operative on Clifton Street in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It has been a working art center for almost 40 years, and many local artists got their start here.

The building at 587 Clifton Street was first built in 1917 and has been home to an interesting variety of craftspeople.

Its first tenants made covers for horse-drawn buggies, and tops for Model T's. In the 1970's it became "Symposium Studios", where drawing, painting, sculpting, pottery and art history classes were taught.

In the 1980's, it became "Prairie Clay Company". Prairie Clay continued to offer pottery classes, but also supplied clay and rented studio space.

In 1986, the pottery students of Prairie Clay Company decided to form a co-operative, and 587 Clifton Street became "Clifton Studios". Now, over 20 artists/craftspeople have individual studio spaces in this 4,044 square foot, second floor warehouse.

Most of the members work in clay, but we have a designer/decorator, painters, mixed media and paper artists and fabric artists. Some individuals will do custom work if that is what you are seeking.

Our gallery is open to the public twice a year for a spring and fall open house and sale. Watch this web-site for dates and times.

2018 will provide some exciting and new opportunities as we join in with Open Doors and Cultural Days. We are also looking at renting a venue a couple of times a year, making us more accessible to the community at large.

Clifton Studios Co-op Executive

  • President Jennifer Lange
    Vice President Sandra Hardy
    Vice President Erin Leigh Kuhtey
    Membership Officer Erin Leigh Kuhtey
    Secretary Rachel Andrushuk
    Treasurer Mia Kinal

How To Join

Call 204-774-4869 and ask to speak to the Membership Officer,