2016 Winter Open Studio

October 11th 2016 at 11 PM
By Nathaniel Regaldo
2016 Winter Open Studio

Join us and meet the artists.


December 2nd - 4th, 2016
Fri 5 - 10 • Sat 11 - 5 • Sun 12 - 4
587 Clifton Street

Date Change for Fall General Members Meeting Thursday in October 6, at 7:00PM.

September 26th 2016 at 9 AM

The date for the Fall General Members Meeting has changed to Thursday, October 6, at 7:00PM in order to avoid conflict with the Fall religious holidays.

Space available

August 19th 2016 at 4 AM

Cliff has taken an artist in residence position and will be leaving the studio Sept. 30th.
His space will then be available. If there are any members who would like to switch to his space, please let me know by Aug. 31st as after this date I will open up the availability to others who may be interested. Suzanne

Studio Space Available

January 21st 2016 at 6 AM

Unfortunately 2 members have decided to leave Clifton Studios.
If anyone is interested in Michele Sarna's or Cindy Flynn's studio space, please contact me before Jan. 30th as I will be opening up the availability of the spaces to person's on my waiting list after that date. I will be away this weekend and available for calls starting Monday, Jan.25th. Suzanne 204-981-6872

Welcome New Member

November 28th 2015 at 7 PM
By Mia Kinal

We have a new member who is arriving this month. Welcome to Heather Lepp, You can find her in Studio Space #4.